LIMITED TIME discount for cloud deployment

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Where is your data stored?
    Currently we use AWS in North Virginia. We can spin up an instance in AWS Ireland if required.
    How many agents can we deploy?
    The promotion is for deployments of 500 or more agents. If fewer than 500, standard pricing applies.  
    Can I use the promo to deploy the solution on premise?
    This pricing is currently only available for cloud deployments.
    What if I don’t want analyst services?
    The promotional pricing remains the same and you can opt out of analyst services.
    How is my data being secured?
    The Jazz Platform includes a secure, end-to-end firewall traversal solution using edge nodes to relay information from external Jazz Agents into the core AWS network across demilitarized zones (DMZs). The agent enrollment scheme enables secure, end-to-end communication to be established between each Jazz Agent and the Jazz Infrastructure. The Jazz Platform provides a full PKI for securing communications between all platform components.  Encryption and authentication technology enhances security policies by enforcing digital certificates that ensure safe exchanges between the Jazz Infrastructure and Jazz Agents.
    What are BW requirements for cloud deployment?
    For 500 agents the BW requirement of deployment (communication between agents and platform) is estimated at 1Mb/s-5Mb/s upload
    Exclusions and limitations:
    • Standard discounts apply
    • 2 years maximum
    • Requires acceptance of data privacy policy
    • Jazz Networks keeps the right to end promotion before March 31, 2019. Deals quoted will be respected.