Webinar: Empower Employees and Stop Breaches

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With insiders linked to 69% of data breaches, we are looking to empower employees to combat risk and prevent breaches. Our team of industry experts discusses steps to take to elicit change from within your organization. 

During the webinar, our panel discusses: 

  • Who insider threats actually are
  • What an insider threat program looks like
  • The right time to implement a program
  • How to invest time and resources into employees to improve security habits
  • Ways organizations are making better use of existing threat intelligence


About the Speakers

Hani Mustafa | CEO, Jazz Networks

Hani has 17+ years’ experience in security related roles, including systems, networks, and software security. Since becoming one of the youngest Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts in security worldwide in 2004, Hani has built multiple commercially successful security products for long-established companies and startups.


John Mumford | Chief Risk Officer, Fellsway Group

With more than 20 years of experience in IT focusing on systems and security design, John has been responsible for large scale program management and integration of cyber security systems for Fortune 100 financial services companies, and has helped companies move from compliance-based systems to risk-based systems through his extensive experience managing and delivering Cyber Security transformation processes.


Ibrahima Mbaye | CISO, CGS

Ibrahima Mbaye is the VP & CISO at CGS. Mr. Mbaye is a seasoned Information Security executive with more than 15 years’ experience developing and enhancing Information and Cyber Security programs. His areas of expertise include global Information Security strategy and operations management, enterprise security architecture, design and integration, data security, privacy and IT risk management. 


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About Jazz

Jazz Networks is a cybersecurity analytics platform that protects organizations from data loss by simplifying the complexities of unpredictable human behavior and empowering employees to have better security habits. By combining machine learning with user-centric alarms, security professionals get a true, full-picture of their organization.  Founded in 2016 to solve the emerging security threats, today Jazz Networks has more than 80 employees with offices in Oslo, London and New York.